About Mary

Mary Mowbray is a registered dental hygienist, innovator and educator in the area of oral health, widely respected among her peers both here and overseas. Mary is also the Chief executive of the Institute of Dental Hygiene (the Institute is set up to ensure the professional development of dental hygiene in New Zealand).

Mary works at the Dental Hygiene Clinic, operating in conjunction with Dental practitioners, Dr Mike Reardon and Dr Kip Stanley-Harris of the Oral Care Company.

Graduating from the School of Dental Hygiene in the UK in 1978. Mary has been in dental hygiene for 2 decades, and is passionate about improving the dental health of all that she meets. Your overall health is important to Mary, and starts with what is going on in your mouth.

It is important not to leave gum disease untreated as this could lead to possible bone loss, tooth loss, bad breath, and social embarrassment.

    • Tel: 09 520 0654
    • Email: info@dhclinic.co.nz

Dental Hygiene Clinic
120 Remuera Rd
Auckland 1050

Mary Mowbray


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