Brightening teeth,
widening smiles

Improve your confidence with our professional teeth whitening treatment.

Centrally located in Remuera, Auckland, we offer a well priced service with our trusted and trained professional dental hygienist.


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“Mary is a lovely warm person and she really loves what she does. I've been using Mary for hygiene and teeth whitening for years – she makes it really easy and pleasant!”
– Craig Connelly

Whitening your Teeth makes sense

Be proud of your Smile.

Teeth Whitening is popular in Auckland with people from all walks of life.  Looking good and having white teeth is important to overall confidence and appearance, which makes us feel better about ourselves.  

Dental hygiene is also important for a  healthy smile, and before having your teeth whitened it’s imperative you have a clean and healthy mouth. Our teeth whitening expert Mary Mowbray is also a qualified and experienced dental hygienist. Mary will check the health of your mouth and gums, so you can be certain the treatment you receive is professional and safe.

The Dental Hygiene Clinic offers professional teeth whitening in Auckland for $415.00.

Now there is no excuse to put off your teeth whitening process!